Bear Hunting

Bear Hunting in Upper Michigan

Black Shadow Guide Service offers guided bear hunts in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our bear hunts are done over bait on private and public land.

We start baiting the beginning of August. Once the baits start getting hit, we will bait the site every day. We put trail cameras on the baits to see what bears are hitting the bait so we don't have a hunter sitting on a bait that is only being hit by sows and cubs.

It is illegal in Michigan to shoot cubs and sows with cubs. We take great pride in our bait sites and how we bait. We would not put a hunter on a spot that we would not hunt ourselves.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule your next hunt.

License and Application Info

The state of Michigan black bear licenses are sold on a drawing and points system. To learn more about the points system you can go to This will also lead you to the state rules and regulations page. You can put your application in starting May 1 and it ends on June 1. The results of the drawing will be posted online June 29 on the same web page. We are able to hunt 3 different management units from where we are located. Contact us before you apply for your bear tag to find out what area to apply for.

Things You Will Need

A Michigan Bear License

At least 3 XL coolers to get your meat and hide home in

Tree stands or ground blinds

Gun or archery equipment/crossbow

Orange hate or vest

Camo hunting clothes. Plan on dressing in layers. Temperatures that time of year can go from freezing to 90 degrees!

Hunting rain gear

Rubber boots for hunting

Bug gear (head net and/or Thermacel)

Scent killing spray/soap/body wash. Scent control is a big thing. Black bears have a VERY VERY good sense of smell. The more we can do to limit our scent, the better.


We offer two basic hunts and we can customize them to fit your needs.

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required at time of booking.

*Our two basic hunts do not come with room and board. That will be up to the hunter to take care of beforehand. We do offer camping on our property for $10 a day.
We are only 10 minutes to the nearest hotel and only 20 minutes to the city of Marquette where you will find multiple options for dining and lodging.

2023 prices:

DIY Hunt – $1500

We will provide you with 2 active bait sites. We will show you one time the best way in and out of the sites and supply you with enough bait to bait the sites for 5 days. Then you will be on your own.

Fully Guided hunt- $2000

We will provide transportation to and from the bait and we will bait the sites for you.

Once you have harvested a bear, we will field dress it and get the bear out of the woods for you. We will help you with photos and getting the bear registered with the DNR.

Then we will skin and quarter the bear and get it ready for you to take home.



Bear Hunting in Upper Michigan